CogniSaaS: Empowering Customer Onboarding as the Ultimate GuideCX Alternative

Learn more about how CogniSaaS serves as an alternative to GUIDEcx for customer onboarding and implementation.

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    Choosing the right client onboarding solution will ensure that your clients receive consistent value delivery throughout their journey with your product, which makes it essential for customer success. While both CogniSaaS and GUIDEcx offer valuable features for customer onboarding, the best GUIDEcx alternative will depend on the specific needs of your business.

    Both CogniSaaS and GUIDEcx are effective tools for onboarding new customers. However, there are some distinctions between CogniSaaS and GUIDEcx. Here’s an in-depth explanation of how the two tools differ and which platform is ideal for your client’s onboarding requirements.

    How Does Cognisaas Help In Tracking Value Delivery?

    No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it. And teams at B2B SaaS companies are no exception to this. They need to be in sync with one another to deliver value for their customers.

    Customer Success in B2B SaaS companies is due to joint efforts from all teams, including their customers and the internal cross-functional teams (sales, onboarding, implementation, product, CS, etc.).

    In order to track, prioritize, and provide value, internal cross-functional teams must work seamlessly with customers as well as (if not more importantly) with one another.

    Onboarding new customers involve more than just working together on tasks and documentation. In particular, for enterprise/mid-market customers, onboarding/implementation teams need to make sure the "value delivered" is in line with the "value promised" during the pre-sales cycle.

    The following is how our clients accomplish all of this using a "single source of truth" platform for client onboarding:

    • A structured handover of information from the sales team to the onboarding team and implementation based on business outcomes, use cases and modules that were promised (API automation with CRM). To ensure handover compliance and that nothing "slips through the cracks" (in emails or Slack channels), the users have access to additionally establish header fields to be mandatory along with document attachments.
    • The onboarding team generates a project (using templates) and adds all the business outcomes, modules, and use cases (through use case templates) to this project in order to track RAG status across not only projects and tasks but also modules.
    • On CogniSaaS, cross-functional teams from customer success, engineering, onboarding/implementation, solutions, and product work together to:
    1. Map the business outcomes and use cases to the pertinent product modules and features.
    2. Determine which of the customer's needs may be met immediately by using the features of the current product.
    3. Generate JIRA tickets using our bi-directional API interface to request new product features, improvements, API integrations, configuration, and customizations for smooth team collaboration.
    • Onboarding teams can collaborate to report project status and interact with clients on any tasks or dependencies in just one click.  Customers can use magical links in emails that let them view/update their status with just one click (no login required).
    • The revenue dashboard for the customer success leadership teams helps them understand the financial effect of any go-live delays.
    • Finally, our customers save a lot of time and effort and achieve customer-centric prioritization by using our platform instead of cumbersome Excel sheets to manually prioritize tasks during weekly meetings between the Sales, CS, and Product teams.
    • In order to ensure faster time-to-value for consumers and reduce revenue risk for the business, our proprietary algorithm provides actionable insights on the tasks that should be prioritized in the product roadmap and project execution phases.

    In conclusion, onboarding teams successfully give value to clients through internal cross-functional teamwork and customer-centric collaboration.

    What Distinguishes CogniSaaS From GUIDEcx?

    Now that we've observed how CogniSaaS helps its customers provide value to their own clients, let's dive deeper into the benefits of using CogniSaaS as a GuideCX alternative for the purpose of onboarding your new customers.

    Track Value Delivery At All Levels

    With CogniSaaS, you can precisely define and keep track of which module or use case each customer needs, as well as the implementation RAG status for each individual module. Additionally, it gives you a variety of display options with cognitive data that illustrates the accountability status of your resources at the project and client levels. With project templates for various customer groups and use case templates for tracking business outcomes by module, you can automate the onboarding of new customers.

    Cross-Functional Collaboration

    With CogniSaaS, you can calculate the RAG statuses of the client, project, use case or module, and job in a single click without requiring human interference. Additionally, use JIRA's bi-directional integration to track dependencies for the product and tech teams in one place.

    With a single source of truth for Sales, Implementation, Product, and CS teams to track good-fit and bad-fit customers starting at the pre-sales stage, CogniSaaS has made cross-functional team interactions simple.

    Actionable Insights For Prioritization

    Faster revenue recognition of Live ARR is made possible by CogniSaaS, which offers a one-click revenue impact dashboard with system-generated actionable insights, product roadmap prioritization, and implementation tasks. In the event that the go-live is delayed, it gives you automated adjustments to the forecasted deadlines.

    Single Source Of Truth

    CogniSaaS gives a centralized view of the BRAG status of all clients, projects, tasks, and use cases, all in one place. The deliverables timeline and progress updates with client health scores are also provided, enabling you to stay one step ahead of your clients and assist them in achieving their ideal outcomes through an exceptional customer onboarding experience.

    Is CogniSaaS the Right Fit For Your Customer Onboarding Needs?

    Now that you have an understanding of what benefits CogniSaaS has to offer your organization. But if you are still wondering if CogniSaaS is the right fit for your customer onboarding needs and let us help you with that as well.

    CogniSaaS is a perfect fit for any and every enterprise SaaS company that handles implementations for their products regularly.

    CogniSaaS is the right fit for your business if your onboarding/implementation teams are struggling to answer the following “customer-centric” questions

    1. What are the desired business use cases of each customer, priorities, and deadlines?
    2. When can we deliver the use cases/modules (Not features)?
    3. Which clients are at risk of gaps between their use cases and the product?
    4. Who needs to do what by when to close any gaps before the deadline?
    5. How do we know when a use case is delivered?

    CogniSaaS help you to drive faster value delivery and achieve customer-centricity at an organizational level. If your team is having difficulty with customer onboarding and delivering value, you are welcome to try CogniSaaS for free for 14 days.

    Our customer success expert will provide your organization with a customized evaluation report that includes recommendations for faster time-to-value, which is crucial during onboarding.

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