CogniSaaS: The Best Rocketlane Alternative To Redefine Customer Onboarding

Get deeper insights on how CogniSaaS serves as a Rocketlane alternative for customer onboarding and implementation.

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    Effective customer onboarding and implementation are critical for customer success, and so is choosing the right customer onboarding tool for consistent value delivery for your customers.

    Both CogniSaaS and Rocketlane serve as good customer onboarding tools. While both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, CogniSaaS has some features that make it a strong Rocketlane alternative. This blog will provide deeper insights into the difference between both tools and which platform is better for your customer onboarding needs.

    How Is CogniSaaS Helping Customers Track Value Delivery?

    It is said that It takes a village to raise a child. And the case isn’t any different for B2B SaaS companies. In B2B SaaS companies, it takes Sales, Onboarding, Customer Success, Product, and Engineering teams to deliver customer success.

    Successful customer onboarding and implementation depends on seamless collaboration with customers as well as (if not more important) among internal cross-functional teams to track, prioritize and deliver value.

    Customer onboarding isn't only about collaboration on tasks and documents. Especially for enterprise/mid-market customers, onboarding/Implementation teams need to ensure the ‘value delivered’ is completely aligned with the ‘value promised’ in the sales cycle.

    Here is how our customers achieve all of this on a ‘single source of truth’:

    • Handover from the Sales to Onboarding/Implementation teams happens in a structured format on what business outcomes/use cases/modules were promised (some of this is automated via API integration with CRM). The users can also define certain fields to be mandatory along with document attachments to ensure handover compliance and nothing ‘falls through the cracks’ (in emails/slack channels).
    • The Onboarding team creates a project (via templates) and under this project adds not only the implementation tasks but also all the business outcomes/modules/use cases (via use case templates) - to get RAG status at not just project and task level but also module wise tracking of RAG status.
    • Cross-functional teams from Onboarding/Implementation, Solutions, Customer Success, Product, and Engineering collaborate on this common platform to:
    1. Map the business outcomes/use cases with relevant product modules and features.
    2. Map which customer requirements can be delivered with the existing product features out of the box.
    3. Raise requests for a new product feature, enhancements, API integrations, configuration, and customizations (create Jira tickets via our bi-directional API integration) for seamless collaboration between teams.
    • Onboarding teams can also collaborate with customers on any tasks/dependencies from their side and project status reporting with one click. Customers receive magic links in an email that allows them to view/update their status from their side with one click (no login required).
    • Customer Success leadership teams also have access to a revenue dashboard that shows the $ impact of any delays.
    • Finally, instead of doing manual prioritization in weekly meetings between Sales, CS, and Product teams via complex Excel sheets - our customers save significant time and effort and achieve customer-centric prioritization. Our proprietary algorithm shows actionable insights on what should be prioritized in the product roadmap and project implementation tasks to ensure faster time-to-value for customers and minimize revenue risk for the company.

    In summary, onboarding teams achieve successful value delivery for customers with customer-centric collaboration with internal cross-functional teams.

    How Is CogniSaaS Different From Rocketlane?  

    Now that we've observed how CogniSaaS helps its customers provide value to their own clients let's dive deeper into the benefits of using CogniSaaS as a Rocketlane alternative for the purpose of onboarding your new customers.

    Single Source Of Truth

    CogniSaaS provides a one-click view of the BRAG status of all clients, projects, tasks, and use case levels of value delivery, all in one place. It also provides you with the timeline for deliverables and status alerts with client health scores to help you stay ahead of your customers and help them achieve their ideal outcomes with an exceptional onboarding experience.

    Track Value Delivery At All Levels

    With CogniSaaS, you can clearly define and track which module/use case is the requirement for which customers and module-wise RAG status for implementation. It also provides you with multiple view options with cognitive data showcasing the accountability status of your resources at the project and client levels. You can automate customer onboarding with project templates for different customer segments and use case templates for module-wise tracking of business outcomes.  

    Actionable Insights For Prioritization

    CogniSaaS provides a one-click revenue impact dashboard with system-generated actionable insights, prioritization of the product roadmap, and implementation tasks that enable faster revenue recognition of Live ARR. It provides you with automated adjustments of forecasted dates in case of delays in go-live.

    Cross-Functional Collaboration

    With CogniSaaS, you get a one-click calculation of the RAG statuses of the customer, project, use case or module, and task with no human intervention. Also, track dependencies with the product and tech teams in a single place with bi-directional integration with JIRA.

    CogniSaaS has made cross-functional team collaborations seamless with a single source of truth among Sales, Implementation, Product, and CS teams for tracking good-fit and bad-fit customers right from the pre-sales stage.

    Is CogniSaaS The Right Fit For Your Customer Onboarding Needs?

    CogniSaaS is the right fit for your business if your onboarding/implementation teams are struggling to get different onboarding-related metrics on a ‘single source of truth.'

    • Desired business outcomes and use cases of each customer, priority, and deadline.
    • Product-related dependencies (new feature requests, API integrations, configurations, etc.) to deliver these use cases.
    • Project implementation plan, list of tasks, and interdependencies with the product.
    • Current delivery status of each business use case (not just tasks).
    • Revenue impact of any project go-live delays.  
    • Prioritization plan - who needs to do what by when to close any gaps and mitigate revenue risk.

    Onboarding and Implementation teams collaborate seamlessly internally and externally with customers to answer all these questions with CogniSaaS. If your team is struggling with customer onboarding challenges and achieving value delivery, you are welcome to try CogniSaaS for free for 14 days.

    Our customer success expert will share a customized evaluation report for your organization with actionable recommendations to achieve faster time-to-value and a few tips for successful customer onboarding.

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