Customer Success: A Product Of Customer Onboarding

Learn how to create an effective onboarding process to achieve customer success for your SaaS business.


December 29, 2022

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    Customer success is a critical component of any SaaS business. But achieving it requires more than just a great product or service - it also requires a solid customer onboarding process.  

    "Your Customer is going to get to vote and talk. You want them out there as salesmen for you. In fact, customer delight is the main ingredient of success. You will succeed if you have delighted customers. Don't settle for satisfied." - Warren Buffet, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

    In 2023, B2B SaaS companies' top priorities will be achieving higher customer success with seamless customer onboarding. More and more SaaS companies are acknowledging the importance of investing in the right tool for effortless onboarding with the client and cross-functional collaboration.

    Since a successful business is built on a growing base of satisfied customers, an effective onboarding program offers the opportunity to nurture and respond to the requirements of a new customer and identify the difference between a potential long-term customer and a customer who churns quickly.

    Here Is Why Effective Customer Onboarding Is Vital To Customer Success.

    Customer onboarding is the first interaction with your product as a customer, and it sets the tone for everything that follows. Customer onboarding aims to help new users go through the setup process and start using your product ASAP. It also aims to deliver faster time to value to help customers achieve their desired milestones in the shortest amount of time.

    Customer onboarding is a critical component of customer success. In some ways, it goes beyond traditional customer service by taking a proactive approach to understanding and meeting customer needs. However, many SaaS companies have little to no visibility into the onboarding process and are missing the opportunity to reduce churn rates and raise renewal and expansion rates.

    Customer success is about assisting your customers in understanding and leveraging the value of your product to achieve their desired business outcomes. It focuses on high-level problems like managing a seamless customer onboarding procedure, pointing customers to new product features they still need to explore, or fixing issues that negatively impact an upsell or renewal opportunity.

    Custom Success can improve retention and other crucial metrics for the organization with its involvement in the onboarding process. A solid customer success strategy outlines the vision for how a customer can utilize your product and related resources more effectively to meet their objectives and define their definition of "success." It ensures that the right resources are delivered to your customers at the right time to get the most value from using your product.


    B2B SaaS companies must invest in the best tools for their onboarding and implementation needs. Effective customer onboarding helps customer success to ensure that the "value promised" is the "value delivered" to achieve higher customer retention and reduce customer churn. Hence, customer success is the product of effective customer onboarding.

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