We Are Here to Reform The Onboarding And Implementation Processes Across All Enterprise SaaS Businesses

And that reformation is CogniSaaS

Our Why?

We’ve been there, suffered that!

Customer Onboarding and Implementation in enterprise SaaS companies is a challenge.
Cross-functional teams (Sales, Implementation, Customer Success, and Product) find it hard to collaborate on silos of product-centric and task-tracking tools for tracking value delivery to the customer.
There should be a better way!

Hence we built a Cognitive platform for customer-centric SaaS


Enable Customer Onboarding and Implementation teams to deliver faster time to value by providing a seamless and delightful customer-centric experience.

Founding Team

Our founders come with decades of experience in the end-to-end customer journey in enterprise SaaS companies and have witnessed first-hand the problems of managing onboarding and implementation projects using documents, excel trackers, and task tracking PM tools

All the energy spent meticulously juggling between these silos of tools to stay on top of projects has almost always led to dead ends. The struggle to deliver faster time to value and better customer experience while operating in silos is what led them to start CogniSaaS and they aim to fix this for good.

Rupesh Rao

Rupesh Rao

Co-Founder & CEO
Vivek Devaraj

Vivek Devaraj

Co-Founder & CTO
Chirabrata Das

Chirabrata Das

Director, Customer Success
Our Investors
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We are currently a bunch of passionate people with the same dream
To help enterprises SaaS companies achieve customer centricity at organizational level.

If you too are passionate about bringing data-driven operational excellence of B2B SaaS world

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