Customer-Centric Onboarding and Implementation Platform

Collaborate with customers, internal stakeholders and deliver faster time-to-value
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customer centric onboarding and implementation platformcustomer centric onboarding Digital Platform Adoption Digital Platform Adoption Digital Platform Adoption
Customers and Design Partners:

Deliver customer implementations on time and at scale with a ‘single source of truth’ for

customer onboarding software tools
customer onboarding tools


customer success tools
customer onboarding tools


customer onboarding tools
customer onboarding tools


Prevent customer escalations by prioritizing what really matters

features of customer onboarding tools

Who needs to do what by when for faster time-to-value

features of customer onboarding tools

What is the impact on revenue due to implementation delays and product roadmap prioritization

features of customer onboarding tools

Stay on top of project dependencies arising due to customer delays, resource utilization and operational firefighting

Never lose important information during the ‘Sales to Implementation’ handoff

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Standardize all the handover information in a structured format with details of use cases, revenue and timeline.
Check Icon - Saasplex X Webflow Template
No more information silos in CRM/ Word/Excel tracker/PM tool etc. for 'who needs to do what by when'
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SaaS implementationSaaS implementation best practices
customer onboarding journeyclient churn risk

Prevent churn risk from bad fit customers

data onboarding tool
Track the gaps between requirement’ & ‘product’ as early as the pre-sales stage.
data onboarding tool
Collaborate with stakeholders to close gaps and prevent any delays during onboarding

Elevate from operational firefighting to strategic partnership with customers

SaaS implementation checklist

Resolve daily firefighting issues proactively with actionable insights and automatic notifications from the platform to build credibility with customers.

SaaS implementation checklist

Achieve customer-centric value delivery at scale by easily tracking multi-dimensional data including customers, use cases, product features required, dependencies implementation tasks, timelines, team resources, dollar impact, risk status etc.

SaaS implementation checklist

Spend more time building trusted advisor relationships with customers that a machine can't do (yet).

What our customers are saying

CogniSaaS team listens to the customer onboarding challenges and brings the right solution in the product. Getting the value delivery faster is the key for any SaaS business and this tool helps in scaling the project execution, improving productivity within your team and finally it creates a wow experience to the customer by making the first value delivery quicker.

customer onboarding at capillary

CogniSaaS provides a single window to both customers & service providers for tracking their ‘Quote to Bill to BAU journey’, while integrating seamlessly with the existing tools.This solves an industry wide problem for not only end users but also influencers and decision makers.Kudos to the CogniSaaS team for this vision and solving the age-old industry problem

customer onboarding at aryaka

CogniSaaS has helped us not only to digitize and structure the onboarding process but also adopt the best practices

customer onboarding at shipsy

A secure, scalable and compliant system,
to protect your data privacy


GDPR Compliant


Best in Class Server Security

SOC 2 Compliance

SOC 2 Compliant

Your Path to Customer-Centric Onboarding and Implementation

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