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Why Our Customers Select Us?

Actionable Insights from Customer Onboarding
Faster Revenue Recognition
Actionable insights on prioritization of product roadmap and implementation tasks
Personalized dashboards for customer onboarding
Reduction in Time to
Personalized dashboards and email notifications that give early warnings on potential delays
Dedicated Portal for Customers in Customer Onboarding
Increase in
Dedicated portal for customers to view project status and get clarity on the next steps
Automation of reporting, templates, resources for client onboarding
Reduction in
Man Hours
Automation of reporting, templates, resource management, and efficient collaboration among teams

Single Source of Truth for


Holistic visibility across use cases, tasks, projects, and customers through the one-click generation of reports

Visibility in client onboarding


Collaboration with internal cross-functional teams and customers on a shared platform to track and manage dependencies

Accountability in customer onboarding software

Actionable Insights

Contextual insights on project delays from teams or customers along with smarter resource management

Actionable Insights from customer onboarding software

Faster Revenue Recognition

Proprietary algorithm that provides recommendations for prioritization and revenue risk prevention

Faster revenue recognition from customer onboarding software


Intelligent automation that helps you save time and drive strategic partnerships with customers

Productivity from customer onboarding software

Seamless Handoff

Structured handover from Sales to Implementation and Implementation to CS teams to prevent 'information loss'

Seamless handoff from client onboarding software

CogniSaaS connects with your existing tools

Collaborate seamlessly with other internal teams, keep all the tools in sync, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks

How CogniSaaS integrates with your existing CRM, Communication, CS, Ticketing and Roadmap tools

What our customers are saying

We have undergone a transformative experience with CogniSaaS. This tool has been instrumental in accelerating our project execution, elevating team productivity, and generating significant value through the direct derivation of dashboard insights from the platform. The flexibility of the tool and the actionable insights it generates contributes to a quicker time-to-value for our clients and an accelerated recognition of revenue on our end. The redesigned interface not only offers intuitiveness but is also customizable, fostering widespread adoption throughout all levels of our team. The approachability and openness to diverse viewpoints of the CogniSaaS team have seamlessly facilitated collaboration.

Dr. Kaviraj Singh Managing Director
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"As part of PeopleStrong's ongoing initiatives to accelerate value delivery for our customers, we evaluated many tools and selected CogniSaaS based on clear product differentiators to track value delivery and, more importantly, because the team understood our challenges in-depth with their strong domain experience in customer success. In the last 12 months, the CogniSaaS team not only provided excellent support for our numerous requests under aggressive timelines but also helped us implement the best practices from their experience. It's been a very successful partnership!"

Ritu Bhardwaj Head, India Delivery and Client Success
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"CogniSaaS team listens to the customer onboarding challenges and brings the right solution in the product. Getting the value delivery faster is the key for any SaaS business and this tool helps in scaling the project execution, improving productivity within your team and finally it creates a wow experience to the customer by making the first value delivery quicker."

Sridhar Bollam Chief Customer Officer, North America
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"We selected CogniSaaS after evaluating other customer onboarding tools as the CogniSaaS team truly understands the pain points of the Implementation Team and brings best practices and gives clarity to the customer success team. CogniSaaS has enabled us to have a single source of truth for collaboration with customers as well as tracking internal cross-functional dependencies. Now we can track the RAG status for each business outcome/module within a project instead of just the task status. More interestingly, we also get system-generated actionable insights for prioritization, saving us tons of manual tracking. The result is faster time-to-value for our customers and faster revenue recognition to us at scale."

Jobin Jose Co-founder & CEO
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"CogniSaaS is truly helping us obtain meaningful insights into our operational model & its deliverables, thereby allowing us to focus on our customer and taking proactive measures to ensure customer delight. The refreshed interface is truly intuitive and the options to customize are very helpful in ensuring good adoption at all levels. With the CogniSaaS team being very approachable to diverse viewpoints, we hope to co-create a whole new way of working for ourselves and the industry."

Rohan Menon Vice President, Customer Onboarding
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"CogniSaaS provides a single window to both customers & service providers for tracking their ‘Quote to Bill to BAU journey’, while integrating seamlessly with the existing tools.This solves an industry wide problem for not only end users but also influencers and decision makers. Kudos to the CogniSaaS team for this vision and solving the age-old industry problem"

Daryl Mathew Senior Director, Global Service Delivery
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"For HR tech companies customer implementations can involve significant complexity due to local regulations, company-specific HR policy customizations, multiple integrations, and long implementation cycles.
We evaluated multiple tools for customer onboarding and selected CogniSaaS because of their track record of solving these challenges for many HR tech companies and their domain knowledge of complex enterprise implementations.
CogniSaaS enabled our CS team to streamline the end-to-end project planning and execution with not only standardization, automation, and custom dashboards for actionable insights, but also with best practices from our industry for driving customer success."

Keerthi KariappaChief Customer Officer
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Customers love CogniSaaS!

Ashwin A SR Director Customer Success
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"A comprehensive solution to onboard, track and manage your customer life cycle"

The tracking and insights that the platform provides, allow you to make data-backed business decisions and clearly show areas you need to focus on.The project management module offers excellent tracking and reporting

Rafeh J Presales Consultant
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"Extremely helpful tool for project management"

I have been using the platform for a few months now, the platform is extremely helpful when it comes to tracking the status of the projects. The team at CogniSaaS is super helpful. They are constantly updating the platform with new and exciting features.

Amit R Senior Project Manager
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"Intuitive design, agility in development, timeliness & supportive team . Amazing Experience..."

Intuitive design, with agility in development for a timely delivery. Great support from the team keeps us informed about key releases and also helps us relate to our businesses scenarios or use cases

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