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If you are looking for a job that makes your Monday morning feel like a Friday evening, you are in the right place. Join us in our mission to make enterprise SaaS onboarding and implementation process, customer-centric!

Cognisaas Team
CogniSaaS EmployeesCogniSaaS Employees
Why Join Us?

Talent is everywhere, it only needs the opportunity.

We are a growing team of young and passionate professionals who aim to help enterprise SaaS organizations achieve customer centricity at all levels of the customer life cycle. We are a remotely distributed team across India who catch up every Monday morning for coffee over a zoom call.

If you think you are a smart, passionate, and driven champ who could add “Sass” to CogniSaaS, we are looking for you! 

Our perks

What's in for working at CogniSaaS

We don’t work, we have fun while achieving our passions and goals!

Remote Opportunity

We are a remote-first company and we truly believe in WFH supremacy!

Flexible hours

Who works 9 to 5 anymore? Work at ease while getting the task completed on time!

Career Growth

We grow, you grow! Numerous growth opportunities on your way to success.

Inclusivity & Equality

We believe in equal opportunity for all & zero tolerance for discrimination.

Unlimited Learning

With us, every day would be a new learning opportunity for your curiosity & growth.


Get an opportunity to work with a team that is spread across the country.

What our employees have to say

I feel incredibly privileged to have been part of this company for the past two years. Being the 4th employee, I have had the opportunity to witness firsthand the incredible growth and progress of this company. It has been an exciting journey, and I’m proud to have been a part of building such a successful organization from its early days.

As an early employee in this company, I have been thrilled to see its growth. The collaborative team, commitment to excellence, and meaningful impact in the industry have made it an outstanding workplace.

CogniSaaS Employees
Aditya Bagal QA & DevOps Engineer

As a Senior Software Engineer and Founding Team Member at CogniSaaS, I have witnessed the company's growth from its inception. It has been an incredible journey with a supportive team that fosters collaboration and innovation. Our team consistently demonstrates a deep understanding of complex software development concepts and has a talent for translating technical jargon into language easily understood by technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Their professionalism, dedication, and drive for excellence have been critical factors in the success of our company. I am incredibly proud to be a part of such a dynamic and forward-thinking company, and I look forward to what the future holds for CogniSaaS.

CogniSaaS Employees
Abhay Agarwal Senior Software Engineer
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