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"CogniSaaS team listens to the customer onboarding challenges and brings the right solution in the product. Getting the value delivery faster is the key for any SaaS business and this tool helps in scaling the project execution, improving productivity within your team and finally it creates a wow experience to the customer by making the first value delivery quicker."

Client Onboarding at Capillary
Sridhar Bollam

Chief Customer Officer, North America

We selected CogniSaaS after evaluating other customer onboarding tools as the CogniSaaS team truly understands the pain points of the Implementation Team and brings best practices and gives clarity to the customer success team. CogniSaaS has enabled us to have a single source of truth for collaboration with customers as well as tracking internal cross-functional dependencies.

Customer Onboarding at Talview
Jobin Jose

Co-founder & CEO

CogniSaaS is truly helping us obtain meaningful insights into our operational model & its deliverables, thereby allowing us to focus on our customer and taking proactive measures to ensure customer delight. The refreshed interface is truly intuitive and the options to customize are very helpful in ensuring good adoption at all levels. With the CogniSaaS team being very approachable to diverse viewpoints, we hope to co-create a whole new way of working for ourselves and the industry.

Customer Onboarding at ZingHR
Rohan Menon

AVP-Product Implementation

CogniSaaS provides a single window to both customers & service providers for tracking their ‘Quote to Bill to BAU journey’, while integrating seamlessly with the existing tools.This solves an industry wide problem for not only end users but also influencers and decision makers.Kudos to the CogniSaaS team for this vision and solving the age-old industry problem

Customer Onboarding Process at Aryaka
Daryl Mathew

Director Global Service Delivery

CogniSaaS has helped us not only to digitize and structure the onboarding process but also adopt the best practices

Client Testimonials for Customer Onboarding
Dhruv Agarwal


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