Why Choose CogniSaaS over GUIDEcx?

CogniSaaS is a customer-centric onboarding and prioritization platform that provides visibility, accountability, and cross-functional collaboration.

Move your teams and customers from legacy project management tools to CogniSaaS to help them drive value delivery at scale & collaborate on a single source of truth platform.

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Why choose CogniSaaS over GUIDEcx?

It takes a village to raise a child. In B2B SaaS companies it takes Sales, Onboarding, Customer Success, Product and Engineering teams to deliver customer success.

Successful customer onboarding and implementation depends on seamless collaboration with customers as well as (if not more important) among internal cross-functional teams to track, prioritize and deliver value.

Customer onboarding isn't only about collaboration on tasks and documents. Especially for enterprise/mid-market customers, Onboarding/Implementation teams need to ensure the ‘value delivered’ is completely aligned with the ‘value promised’ in the sales cycle.

How are We Creating an AHA Moment for All?

As part of your customer onboarding deliver what really matters for your customers - Their business outcomes/use-cases.

Collaborate seamlessly with other cross-functional teams and customers with system-generated insights on who needs to do what by when for faster time-to-value and faster ARR recognition.

Effortless Visibility

  • The RAG status allows you to prioritize tasks that are of the highest priority.

  • Revenue milestones and implementation fee tracking at every use case level.

  • Single click view of all the customers who requested a new feature.

  • Time tracking, Gantt chart, resource management, and more to seamlessly manage projects at scale
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Client onboarding platformEnterprise saas industry b2b projects
Resource Planning in customer onboardingInsights for customer onboarding

Intelligent Focus

  • Faster customer onboarding with configurable templates for projects and use cases.

  • Automation of RAG status calculation of customer, project, use case or module, and task with no human intervention

  • Intelligent dashboard to automatically show which clients/projects/modules have recently gone off track and which ones have recently progressed so you can focus on what matters with zero clicks
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Cross-Functional Collaboration

  • Assign tasks to internal team members and customer stakeholders. Collaborate with the customer's team on a shared portal.

  • Generate and share a customizable project status report with customers with a few clicks.

  • Onboarding teams can seamlessly collaborate with product/tech teams on new feature requests, tech tasks, bugs, and API integrations.

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Client onboarding platformEnterprise saas industry b2b projects
Client onboarding platformEnterprise saas industry b2b projects

Contextual Insights

  • A holistic view of customer data in one place eliminates information silos and saves valuable time and bandwidth.

  • Single click view of all the projects, use cases, tasks, and product dependencies associated with a customer.

  • Custom fields to tailor functionality to your business needs with a few clicks

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Revenue Risk Mitigation

  • Gone are the days of manual prioritization in weekly meetings between Sales, CS and Product teams via complex excel sheets

  • A proprietary algorithm provides actionable insights and recommendations to accelerate prioritization and revenue recognition

  • Drive product roadmap items and implementation tasks that have the highest impact on the top line and time to value

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Client onboarding platformEnterprise saas industry b2b projects
Client onboarding platformEnterprise saas industry b2b projects

Document Repository

  • Complete handover in a structured format via integration with CRM to capture full context of customers and their business outcomes

  • Templatize all information in a structured format with details of projects, use cases, and tasks

  • Build a single repository of all important documents so as to never lose any important information down the line

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SaaS implementation checklist

It’s time to move from a ‘system of record’ for only task tracking to a ‘system of intelligence’ for value delivery