Challenging times require Customer-Centricity at Scale

Why has customer-centricity become so important in scaling a business?

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    As a result of the current global situation, it is given that in the next few weeks/months enterprise clients worldwide will redefine their business priorities for their software vendors in different ways as appropriate for their organization and/or industry situation.

    For customer-centric B2B SaaS providers this poses a multi-dimensional problem – when there are hundreds of enterprise clients, with each client having N number of use cases, and each use case depending on multiple product features – how to ensure in a scalable way that the product roadmap priorities are aligned with diverse and evolving business priorities of all these clients in different stages of customer journey across different verticals?

    Addressing this challenge at scale will require an org level ‘single source of truth’ platform to address a number of ‘customer-centric’ questions (with click of a button), for example:

    • Which clients are at significant risk (Red status) as we don’t have an action plan on how to address their core use cases and what is the dollar value at risk? Who needs to do what by when internally to close these gaps?
    • Which clients need attention (Amber status) as their key requirements are covered in our roadmap and delivery by required timeline is essential to bring them to Green status.
    • Which clients are aligned with our current product capabilities (Green status), which helps in accurate revenue/cash flow forecasting for the current month/quarter.
    • How many customers would benefit from prioritizing a particular product feature in a sprint and what would be the dollar impact?

    CogniSaaS is helping B2B SaaS companies attain customer centricity at scale, and continue to be more aligned with their clients’ business priorities, especially in such difficult times.

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