Customer Onboarding Software that Helps You Deliver Value

CogniSaaS will help you streamline your implementation process through collaboration and provides actionable insights on who needs to do what by when for faster time-to-value.

Customer Onboarding Software that helps you deliver value
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Why CogniSaaS is the Ideal Customer Onboarding Software?

Project Management

Manage projects from start to finish. Track progress to deliver value rapidly and effectively.

  • Launch onboarding with speed, using templates, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

  • Prioritize tasks with flexible views (list, board, Excel, Gantt) and track progress with real-time visibility.

  • Identify potential delays early and proactively intervene to keep projects on track with automatic RAG calculations and forecasted end dates

  • Streamline information access for internal teams and customers with hierarchically structured document repositories.

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Customer Onboarding Software that helps you deliver value
Customer Onboarding Software that helps you deliver value

Customer Collaboration

Collaboration with internal cross-functional teams, and customers on a shared platform to track and manage dependencies

  • Foster transparency and collaboration by inviting customers into a shared portal to track progress, provide feedback, and view project updates

  • Capture customer pulse at key milestones, identifying areas for improvement and addressing concerns early.

  • Generate and share intuitive reports showcasing project progress with just one click.

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Module Wise Implementation Tracking

Dive deep into project health with multi-level RAG status (Client →Project →Module → Task) and immediate action-triggering alerts.

  • Break down complex projects into easily manageable modules and achieve modular planning with module templates.

  • Track the rollout progress of individual modules, enabling Go-No-Go decisions at the module level.

  • Ensure alignment between subscribed modules in the SOW and delivered features.

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Customer Onboarding Software that helps you deliver value
Customer Onboarding Software that helps you deliver value

Timesheet Tracking

Capture every minute worked, across all projects, for accurate billing and increased revenue.

  • Effortlessly categorize billable time, generate reports, and identify areas for cost savings and improved profitability.

  • Review and approve timesheets with ease, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

  • View detailed user timesheets for projects and tasks, compare actuals to planned estimates, and identify potential overruns.

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Custom Dashboard and Reporting

Get visibility into delayed client projects, modules, and tasks from easily generated reports and dashboards without needing separate analytics tools.

  • Gain immediate insights tailored to common KPIs like profitability, revenue, and CSATs, facilitating informed decision-making.

  • Craft personalized dashboards and reports enabling tailored data analysis.

  • Get diverse visualizations, seamless drill-down, user-controlled filtering, shareable reports, and powerful data aggregation for comprehensive insights.

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Customer Onboarding Software that helps you deliver value
Customer Onboarding Software that helps you deliver value

Resource and Capacity Management

Assign the right people to the right project and make data-driven hiring decisions.

  • Plan ahead with flexible resource allocation, secure talent, and avoid potential conflicts in the pipeline.

  • Optimize project outcomes by assigning tasks based on individual skills, roles, availability, and workload.

  • Gain insights into team utilization and make hiring decisions to match project needs.

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What is customer onboarding software?


Customer onboarding software is a tool businesses use to guide new customers through getting started with their products or service.

How does CogniSaaS help with successful customer onboarding?


CogniSaaS is a customer onboarding software that helps businesses achieve successful onboarding by providing personalized and automated onboarding experiences. To know more about how CogniSaaS helps with customer onboarding, visit:

What are a few steps for the customer onboarding strategy?


Here are three steps for a customer onboarding strategy:

Define the onboarding process
Personalize the onboarding experience
Measure and optimize the onboarding experience.

For more information, read our blog: Universal Guide on Customer Onboarding.

What are customer onboarding best practices?


Here are three customer onboarding best practices:

Simplify the onboarding process
Personalize the onboarding experience
Provide ongoing support
For more information, read our blog: Customer Onboarding Best Practices

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