Customer Onboarding Software that Helps You Deliver Value

CogniSaaS will help you streamline your implementation process through collaboration and provides actionable insights on who needs to do what by when for faster time-to-value.

Customer Onboarding Software that helps you deliver value
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Why CogniSaaS is the Ideal Customer Onboarding Software?

Effortless Visibility

The one-click generation of reports enables you to obtain a comprehensive view of use cases, tasks, projects, and customers, resulting in holistic visibility.

  • The RAG (Red-Amber-Green) status enables you to prioritize tasks deemed as the most critical.

  • At each use case level, revenue milestones and implementation fees are tracked.

  • Get an overview of all customers who have requested a new feature with just a single click.

  • Effortlessly manage projects at a larger scale with features such as time tracking, Gantt chart, resource management, and more.

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Customer Onboarding Software that helps you deliver value
Customer Onboarding Software that helps you deliver value

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Enhanced collaboration with both internal cross-functional teams and customers can be achieved by utilizing a shared platform for tracking and managing dependencies.

  • Allocate assignments to customer stakeholders and internal team members, and collaborate with the customer's team through a shared portal.

  • Easily create and distribute a personalized project status report to customers with just a few clicks.

  • The onboarding teams can collaborate seamlessly with the product/tech teams on various tasks, including new feature requests, technical tasks, bug fixing, and API integrations.

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Contextual Insights

Smarter resource management and contextual insights from teams or customers can help identify and address project delays.

  • Get a comprehensive overview of customer data in a centralized location that eliminates the problem of information silos and conserves significant time and resources.

  • Access all the projects, use cases, tasks, and product dependencies linked to a customer with just a single click.

  • Easily customize the functionality to suit your business requirements using custom fields with just a few clicks.

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Customer Onboarding Software that helps you deliver value
Customer Onboarding Software that helps you deliver value

Revenue Risk Mitigation

A proprietary algorithm that offers suggestions for prioritization and mitigation of revenue risk.

  • The era of using complex spreadsheets for manual prioritization during weekly meetings between Sales, Customer Success, and Product teams is over.

  • An exclusive algorithm delivers practical insights and suggestions for prioritization, thereby preventing revenue leakage.

  • Push forward with product roadmap items and implementation tasks that significantly impact the top line and time to value.

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Intelligent Focus

Intelligent automation can be leveraged to enhance efficiency, save time, and foster strategic partnerships with customers.

  • Speed up the customer onboarding process with adaptable templates for both projects and use cases.

  • Automate the calculation of RAG status for customers, projects, use cases or modules, and tasks without human intervention.

  • The intelligent dashboard automatically displays clients, projects, and modules that have recently deviated from the track and those that have progressed, enabling you to concentrate on what is important without any clicks.

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Customer Onboarding Software that helps you deliver value
Customer Onboarding Software that helps you deliver value

Document Repository

Structured handovers from the sales team to implementation and from implementation to customer service teams can prevent the loss of information.

  • Achieve a comprehensive handover in a structured layout through integration with CRM software to capture the full context of customers and their business outcomes.

  • Transform all data into a hierarchical format with templates, including project details, use cases, and tasks.

  • Create a unified repository for all crucial documents to prevent the loss of significant information in the future.

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What is customer onboarding software?


Customer onboarding software is a tool businesses use to guide new customers through getting started with their products or service.

How does CogniSaaS help with successful customer onboarding?


CogniSaaS is a customer onboarding software that helps businesses achieve successful onboarding by providing personalized and automated onboarding experiences. To know more about how CogniSaaS helps with customer onboarding, visit:

What are a few steps for the customer onboarding strategy?


Here are three steps for a customer onboarding strategy:

Define the onboarding process
Personalize the onboarding experience
Measure and optimize the onboarding experience.

For more information, read our blog: Universal Guide on Customer Onboarding.

What are customer onboarding best practices?


Here are three customer onboarding best practices:

Simplify the onboarding process
Personalize the onboarding experience
Provide ongoing support
For more information, read our blog: Customer Onboarding Best Practices

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