Best Rocketlane Alternative for Client Onboarding in 2024

Get deeper insights on how CogniSaaS serves as a Rocketlane alternative for customer onboarding and implementation.


March 15, 2024

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    What's the one thing that delights a new customer? It’s seeing value from your product, fast!

    However, as a subscription business in 2024, you know onboarding projects rarely go smoothly. Between siloed systems, misaligned teams and constantly changing priorities - delays are inevitable.

    Valuable time and money end up slipping through the cracks. You simply can’t afford unsatisfied customers and stalled revenues anymore.

    Legacy project management solutions have failed to provide the right frameworks for seamless collaboration, tracking, and prioritization across onboarding teams.

    But what if there was a better way?

    Enter, CogniSaaS! As a leading Rocketlane alternative, it revolutionizes customer onboarding in two key ways:

    1. It's the single source of truth allowing everyone - sales, implementations, products, and customers - to actually collaborate effectively! No more painful back and forth trying to figure out who needs to do what.
    2. It makes the mess of competing priorities totally transparent with actionable insights on what sequence of actions will result in the fastest time-to-value. This also helps you identify revenue risks WAY faster.

    Effective customer onboarding and implementation are critical for customer success, and so is choosing the right customer onboarding tool for consistent value delivery for your customers. With CogniSaaS doing the heavy lifting around handovers, prioritization, and tracking, your teams are freed up to deliver incredible customer experiences while keeping the business growth flywheel humming!

    Both CogniSaaS and Rocketlane serve as good customer onboarding tools. While both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, CogniSaaS has some features that make it a strong Rocketlane alternative. This blog will provide different alternatives to Rocketlane along with CogniSaaS.

    Best Rocketlane Alternatives For Client Collaboration in 2024

    You need to work with your clients and customers well. Some programs help with this better than others. When choosing a new one, look for ones that make talking and working together easy. It's good if the program lets you share updates and get feedback without problems. You want clients to feel heard so the project goes smoothly. 

    Seeing each other's work in one place helps everyone understand the plan. Finding the right tool helps build trust and finish jobs on time. Not all options are as good at that. So test drive which feels best for your needs.

    1. excels in this area, offering dedicated client portals and customer onboarding tools that streamline the process of sharing information, gathering feedback, and tracking progress. Its user-friendly interface allows teams to create custom client portals and share project updates, files, and status reports with clients in real time.

    You and your team can easily share project boards on It is simple to assign tasks to different people. Everyone will see updates as they happen in real-time. This helps keep clients informed about what is happening with their projects. It is also easy for team members to give and receive feedback. 

    They can message each other or leave comments on tasks. This allows people to stay updated and ask questions if they need clarification. Transparency helps maintain responsibility too. Clients can view the boards to see what stage their project is at. 

    Team members will also be accountable since their work and communications are visible to others. In this way, promotes collaboration throughout the entire project process.

    2. CogniSaaS

    It is said that It takes a village to raise a child. And the case isn’t any different for B2B SaaS companies. In B2B SaaS companies, it takes Sales, Onboarding, Customer Success, Product, and Engineering teams to deliver customer success.

    Successful customer onboarding and implementation depends on seamless collaboration with customers as well as (if not more important) among internal cross-functional teams to track, prioritize, and deliver value.

    Customer onboarding isn't only about collaboration on tasks and documents. Especially for enterprise/mid-market customers, onboarding/Implementation teams need to ensure the ‘value delivered’ is completely aligned with the ‘value promised’ in the sales cycle.

    Alright, here’s a peek into how CogniSaaS brings all the pieces together as a “single source of truth” for tracking value delivery:

    Handovers don’t have to be painful! 

    Our templates allow sales to seamlessly pass critical context - like promised outcomes, product modules needed, priority use cases, and commercial terms - to implementation teams. They can even mandate certain fields and add file attachments. No more chasing stray spreadsheets or emails!  

    Forget basic project plans! 

    Onboarding teams can build more strategic blueprints mapping specific business outcomes to product modules and features that enable them. Granular use case templates help them track adoption metrics across priority areas.

    Tear down those silo walls! 

    All teams – be it implementation, solutions, customer success, or product – access this single version of truth. This allows real-time, 2-way collaboration to validate requirements against product capabilities, raise feature requests, and share feedback loops.

    Customers are in the driver’s seat! 

    Simple email nudges allow customers to directly provide updates on their end. This closes the information gap allowing teams to get ahead of any blockers.

    Insights that lead to action! 

    Leadership also gets access to revenue intelligence dashboards that capture dynamic customer health scores highlighting late-stage opportunities, expansion potential, and bottlenecks. 

    Let CogniSaaS do the heavy lifting! 

    Our proprietary algorithms crunch all of this disparate data to automatically surface actionable insights on priority areas across products, projects, and tasks that will accelerate time-to-value.

    Rocketlane Alternative for Comprehensive Project Planning and Tracking


    Smartsheet allows you to plan and track projects easily. It takes the spreadsheet you already know how to use and adds helpful tools for managing work. Your team can see updates, schedules, and tasks all in one place. Setting up a new project is simple. You can drag and drop tasks, add details, and set deadlines. 

    Charts show your progress at a glance. Messages keep everyone on the same page. Best of all, it's flexible enough for any kind of work. Whether you're building a product, planning an event, or handling customer requests, Smartsheet has what you need to stay on track from start to finish.

    At its core, Smartsheet allows users to create detailed project plans, assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress in real time. The second paragraph has been improved.

    Smartsheet has an easy interface. You can see your project in different ways. It is easy to make charts showing what needs to be done and when. You can also see what tasks must be finished before others start. 

    Tracking big events in the project, called milestones, is simple too. With a few clicks, you can set up what work links together and watch the whole project progress. Smartsheet lets you customize how you view everything so you have just what you need to stay on track.

    Imagine you're leading a cross-functional team responsible for launching a new product. With Smartsheet, you can create a comprehensive project plan, breaking down tasks into manageable chunks and assigning them to team members.

    Your team is working hard to launch the new product. You make a schedule using Smartsheet to help organize all the work. The schedule splits up all the big jobs into smaller pieces. Then you give each small piece to a different person on your team. That way, everyone knows what they need to do. 

    As important dates get closer, Smartsheet will remind you automatically if anything is taking too long or might not get done on time. This helps make sure nothing is forgotten so your new product can launch successfully.


    You see another good choice is Wrike. It is a project manager tool for groups big and small. Wrike gives you lots of options to make it work for your team. You can set it up how you need to fit what your group does.

    It lets you change things to follow your projects in a way that fits. Teams can adjust Wrike to match their special ways of working together. The setup is flexible so the tool works for how your group likes to organize tasks and schedules.

    Wrike is full of choices to personalize it. Your team can shape the program around your unique methods. The options let you tailor Wrike precisely for your workflows and processes. It molds to you instead of making you change to it.

    One of Wrike's standout features is its ability to create custom workflows and automate repetitive tasks. Imagine you are overseeing a group. They make articles and videos. Each person does a different part.

    You use Wrike to help with the steps. First, you create a plan for how the work moves through each stage. Then Wrike follows your rules to send tasks to the right people automatically. For example, when someone finishes writing, it sends editing to an editor. Once edited, it goes to the reviewer. 

    After reviewing, it moves to publishing. This lets each part get done without you having to send reminders. You set it up once, and Wrike remembers your plan to help the team work together smoothly. You see different things when you look at the work. 

    Wrike lets you know how things are going all the time. The bosses can find where things are taking too long fast. They can see if you are close to finishing important steps. The bosses use what they learn to make smart choices to keep everything moving ahead on time.

    You have many choices when it comes to managing your work. Wrike can help big groups or just a few people get things done. It has lots of tools to help you plan and track projects. You can make it work for small or large teams. The tools are flexible so you can set them up to fit how your team works best. 

    Whether you have a few projects or many things to do, Wrike can grow as your needs grow. It's easy to use but has deep options for organizing complex work. Wrike keeps everything in one place so it's simple to stay on track. Teams always know what's happening and what's next.

    Both Smartsheet and Wrike let you plan and keep track of projects. They help teams that have different needs and likes. Smartsheet is easy to use since it looks like a spreadsheet. You can get started quickly. 

    Wrike lets you change lots of settings and set up automatic tasks. 

    It has more tools to make projects run smoothly. Choosing between Smartsheet or Wrike depends on what your team needs to get things done and how you all like to work best.

    Rocketlane Alternative For Seamless Team Collaboration and Communication

    You and your team are working hard on an important project. It's going well so far but there is still a lot left to do. You need everyone to work together and share information. That way the project can be finished on time. When looking at other project tools, it's important to pick one where people can easily talk to each other. 

    They should be able to share files, updates, and questions. That helps everyone know what's going on and what needs to get done next. Working separately can cause delays or mistakes if someone misses something. With a tool that connects your team, you'll stay focused on achieving your goals.


    Asana is a standout solution that excels in fostering team collaboration and communication. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly tools make it a popular choice among project managers and teams. 

    With Asana, you can create project boards, assign tasks, set deadlines, and communicate effortlessly through integrated messaging and commenting features.

    The calendar and timeline in Asana help you see what's coming up. You can look at a whole project and see when different parts need to be done. This picture view makes it easy to keep track of what your team promised and when things are due. 

    It helps everyone focus on what to work on next so nothing gets forgotten or done too late. The timeline stops surprises and keeps your projects moving forward step-by-step. You'll know what's happening each week and month ahead.


    You see boards filled with cards on Trello. Each card holds a task or project part. Members drag and drop cards as work moves along. Statuses change from "To do" to "In progress" and "Done". Colors group related cards together. 

    Comments and attachments keep everyone updated. Notifications alert members to changes. Boards adapt to any project's flow. Differences let teams find the right setup. This helps work progress smoothly while allowing flexibility. 

    Members collaborate by discussing cards. Edits appear for all immediately. No delays occur from waiting on replies. Real-time changes maintain a shared understanding of where everything stands. Teams stay on the same page through this live synchronization.

    You see the Trello board on your computer screen. Color-coded cards filled with tasks are arranged in different lists. As your teammates work throughout the day, the cards start to shift from one list to another. An email dings in your inbox - someone just commented on a card. You click to see what they said and any new details added. 

    It's nice to know right away what everyone is doing without having to check in constantly or wait for lengthy updates. This way, your whole team stays synchronized on each part of the project. People can focus on their work but also help others easily if a question comes up. The flowing board allows for teamwork without confusion about responsibilities or timelines.

    You or your team can work together easily. Tools like Asana and Trello let groups share ideas and updates. They make planning and tasks simpler. Teams can focus on what matters instead of lost emails or confusing documents. 

    Your projects now have a clear path forward. Goals become easier to reach when everyone knows what to do and when. No more mixed messages or delays. Working as one unit means objectives happen smoothly and on time.

    Rocketlane Alternative For Resource Management and Capacity Planning

    Effective resource management and capacity planning are critical for ensuring that projects are staffed appropriately and team members are not overloaded.

    You need to look at other options when you plan projects. It's important to find a solution that helps manage your resources well. Not all choices are the same when it comes to handling people's work. Some can track who does what better than others. 

    Make sure the one you pick gives you good control over scheduling tasks and making sure no one has too much to do alone. You want people to have balanced workloads and finish on time. Checking how programs oversee resources will help your projects run smoothly.


    Harvest is a popular time-tracking solution that integrates seamlessly with project management tools. It provides detailed reports and analytics, allowing teams to monitor resource utilization, identify bottlenecks, and make informed decisions about resource allocation. 

    With Harvest, project managers can easily track team availability, ensuring that resources are not overloaded and projects are properly staffed.


    Teamwork is a comprehensive project management platform that offers robust resource management capabilities. Project managers can create detailed resource schedules, track team availability, and ensure that resources are allocated efficiently across various projects and tasks. 

    Teamwork's resource management tools allow teams to optimize resource utilization, preventing overallocation and ensuring that team members are not overburdened.

    The tools help groups use their time and people well. Harvest and Teamwork let teams divide work evenly. They help make sure projects have enough help and no one has too much to do. The tools also help use what you have in the best way. 

    Companies can be sure work gets done on time when everyone shares the load. No one feels overwhelmed or left out. You all work as one toward your shared goals.

    You picture a software group with various tasks going on at the same time. If they don't manage people and time right, it's simple for the team to take on too much. That can cause due dates to be missed and exhaustion. 

    But with a system like Harvest or Teamwork, the managers over the projects can without trouble follow who's open, place people based on what they're good at and how busy they are, and make certain no one has too much to handle. This helps not just get the work done right but also helps the team members maintain a good work-life balance.

    You need to find a solution to help your team. Some options can manage resources and plan what you need. Harvest and Teamwork can help optimize how you use people. They can stop giving teams too many things to do. 

    And make sure projects have the right number of workers. This leads to better finishing projects and being more productive as a team. Harvest and Teamwork see what resources you have and what is needed. 

    They help match teams with the correct jobs. This helps everything get done properly without overworking anyone. Your team will get more accomplished when knowing what to focus on and who is doing what. Both options can aid in assigning suitable people to projects so everything progresses smoothly.

    How Is CogniSaaS The Best Rocketlane Alternative?  

    Now that we've observed how CogniSaaS helps its customers provide value to their own clients, let's dive deeper into the benefits of using CogniSaaS as a Rocketlane alternative to onboard your new customers.

    Single Source Of Truth

    CogniSaaS serves as the central nervous system interconnecting workflows, data, and insights into a unified command center tailored to enterprise SaaS. This eliminates the need for multiple tools by natively consolidating project management, resource allocation, timesheet tracking, and cross-departmental capacity planning.

    CogniSaaS provides a one-click view of the BRAG status of all clients, projects, tasks, and use cases and the level of value delivery, all in one place. It also provides you with the timeline for deliverables and status alerts with client health scores to help you stay ahead of your customers and help them achieve their ideal outcomes with an exceptional onboarding experience.

    By synergizing activities into an integrated customer intelligence hub, CogniSaaS transforms fragmented systems into synchronized engines of growth and retention at scale.

    Track Value Delivery At All Levels

    CogniSaaS enables granular tracking at four levels - Client, Modules, Projects, and Tasks. With CogniSaaS, you can clearly define and track which module/use case is the requirement for which customers and module-wise RAG status for implementation.

    It also provides you with multiple view options with cognitive data showcasing the accountability status of your resources at the project and client levels. You can automate customer onboarding with project templates for different customer segments and use case templates for module-wise tracking of business outcomes.  

    Actionable Insights For Prioritization

    CogniSaaS provides a one-click revenue impact dashboard with system-generated actionable insights, prioritization of the product roadmap, and implementation tasks that enable faster revenue recognition of Live ARR. It provides you with automated adjustments of forecasted dates in case of delays in going live.

    Cross-Functional Collaboration

    With CogniSaaS, you get a one-click calculation of the RAG statuses of the customer, project, use case or module, and task with no human intervention. Also, track dependencies with the product and tech teams in a single place with bi-directional integration with JIRA. 

    CogniSaaS has made cross-functional team collaborations seamless with a single source of truth among Sales, Implementation, Product, and CS teams for tracking good-fit and bad-fit customers right from the pre-sales stage. 

    Additionally, CogniSaaS enables collaboration with customers directly via shared portal access for transparency into deliverables, queries, and risks in real time. This interconnectivity drives precision execution.

    Is CogniSaaS the Right Fit for Your Customer Onboarding Needs? 

    CogniSaaS is the right fit for your business if your onboarding/implementation teams are struggling to get different onboarding-related metrics on a ‘single source of truth.’

    • Desired business outcomes and use cases of each customer, priority, and deadline.
    • Product-related dependencies (new feature requests, API integrations, configurations, etc.) to deliver these use cases.
    • Project implementation plan, list of tasks, and interdependencies with the product.
    • Current delivery status of each business use case (not just tasks).
    • The revenue impact of any project go-live delays.  
    • Prioritization plan - who needs to do what by when to close any gaps and mitigate revenue risk.

    Onboarding and Implementation teams collaborate seamlessly internally and externally with customers to answer all these questions with CogniSaaS. If your team is struggling with customer onboarding challenges and achieving value delivery, we recommend you try the CogniSaaS free trial.

    Our customer success expert will share a customized evaluation report for your organization with actionable recommendations to achieve faster time-to-value and a few tips for successful customer onboarding. 

    Let's Recap Why CogniSaaS is the Best Rocketlane Alternative

    What Makes CogniSaaS The Best Rocketlane Alternative?

    Here are the key takeaways:

    • CogniSaaS consolidates your customer data into a single source of truth that breaks down team silos. Now that's smart collaboration!
    • It delivers unparalleled visibility into value tracking across customer, project, module, and task levels. No more nasty surprises or fire drills.
    • Revenue leakage can be prevented with intelligent algorithms highlighting priority areas needing timely intervention.

    Don't just take our word for it. Schedule a tailored demo to witness exactly how CogniSaaS delivers faster onboarding velocity, higher customer retention, and greater operational efficiency.

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