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CogniSaaS Features for Implementation Engineer

Slack Alerts

  • Receive real-time notifications within Slack to stay on top of project updates, deadlines, and potential roadblocks.

Effortless Timesheets

  • Track time spent on tasks directly within the platform, eliminating the need for manual entry and ensuring accurate timesheet submission.

Task Management

  • Work visually on tasks using various views (list, board, etc.) for better organization and prioritization.

Seamless Collaboration

  • Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues directly within tasks, providing updates, sharing files, and asking questions.

Portfolio Management & Prioritization

  • Client Portfolio View: Access a centralized dashboard showcasing client-level metrics for a comprehensive overview of your client portfolio.

  • Monitor and adapt: Optimize resources, priorities, and strategies for evolving business goals.

  • Prioritize for Maximum Revenue: Identify the revenue impact of potential delays with a single click and leverage actionable recommendations to prioritize projects for maximum revenue recognition.

Customizable Reporting & Insights

  • Library of pre-built reports: Gain immediate insights tailored to common KPIs like profitability, revenue, and CSATs, facilitating informed decision-making.

  • Track custom KPIs and fields: Craft personalized dashboards and reports enabling tailored data analysis.

  • Data Visualizations & Aggregation: Get diverse visualizations, seamless drill-down, user-controlled filtering, shareable reports, and powerful data aggregation for comprehensive insights.

Resource & Capacity Management

  • Data-driven resource allocation: Assign the right people to the right projects based on skills, workload, and availability.

  • Soft allocation:  Secure the right talent for upcoming projects through soft resource allocation, identifying potential conflicts, and ensuring smooth execution.

  • Efficient Utilization: Effectively balance workloads using real-time data on availability and utilization, preventing burnouts.

  • Data-driven hiring: Leverage data to make informed hiring decisions based on project needs.

Standardization and Governance

  • Customizable Templates: Ensure consistent and efficient onboarding across teams through well-defined playbooks for given industries & segments.

  • RAID Logs: Identify and monitor internal and external risks, actions, issues, and decisions to ensure proactive mitigation.

  • Access Control: Leverage RBAC for granular access control, ensuring team members see only relevant information based on their roles.

Why Our Customers Select Us?

Actionable Insights from Customer Onboarding
Faster Revenue Recognition
Actionable insights on prioritization of product roadmap and implementation tasks
Personalized dashboards for customer onboarding
Reduction in Time to
Personalized dashboards and email notifications that give early warnings on potential delays
Dedicated Portal for Customers in Customer Onboarding
Increase in
Dedicated portal for customers to view project status and get clarity on the next steps
Automation of reporting, templates, resources for client onboarding
Reduction in
Man Hours
Automation of reporting, templates, resource management, and efficient collaboration among teams

CogniSaaS connects with your existing tools

Collaborate seamlessly with other internal teams, keep all the tools in sync, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks

How CogniSaaS integrates with your existing CRM, Communication, CS, Ticketing and Roadmap tools

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