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How CogniSaaS integrates with your existing CRM, Communication, CS, Ticketing and Roadmap tools
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Unleash the power of CogniSaaS with your everyday tools!

Our open ecosystem seamlessly connects with CRM, Product Management software, communication platforms, and more.  Simplify workflows and boost productivity by integrating CogniSaaS with the apps you already use.


  • Effortlessly assign customer-driven new feature requests to the product teams, ensuring clear ownership and accountability.

  • Prioritize product roadmaps with data-driven insights.

  • CogniSaaS tracks customer feature requests, analyzing their sales and churn impact, along with implied ARR. This empowers you to make strategic sprint decisions that drive growth.

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  • Review your tasks directly within the collaboration app, categorized by your buckets in CogniSaaS.

  • Make quick updates to your tasks without leaving the app. Keep everyone informed and on the same page.

  • Push project updates directly to dedicated channels. Ensure clear visibility and foster seamless collaboration across your team.

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  • Consolidate all your customer emails within CogniSaaS. No more digging through inboxes!

  • Respond to customer inquiries with complete context at your fingertips.

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  • Gain a unified view of your appointments and tasks within CogniSaaS, seamlessly integrate with your Calendar.

  • See all your customer meetings in a clear, consolidated calendar view, with agendas readily available.

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  • The moment a deal closes in the CRM, a client is automatically created in CogniSaaS, eliminating manual data entry and delays.

  • Track custom fields at the account level within the CRM, providing a richer understanding of your clients.

  • Pull all relevant account details, documents, checklists, and questionnaires directly into CogniSaaS. Your onboarding team is equipped with full context to deliver a personalized and efficient experience.

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  • Gain a complete picture of your onboarding process by integrating CogniSaaS with your ticketing software. Track P1 tickets to identify potential issues and ensure a smooth experience.

  • Move beyond guesswork. Track ticket volume and severity during Implementation and Post Go-Live hyper care period to get insights into the quality of deliverables.

  • Empower your UAT team with real-time client data from CogniSaaS. Resolve issues faster and ensure a successful transition to production.

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Customer Success

  • Gain a holistic view of your customer health by seamlessly integrating CogniSaaS with Customer Success Software. Make data-driven decisions to improve adoption and ensure long-term success.

  • Leverage the combined power of CogniSaaS and CSM tools to gain deeper customer understanding. Identify trends, predict churn risk, and personalize your approach for maximum impact.

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