Customer Onboarding Software for Enterprise SaaS

Goodbye Unstructured Onboarding, Go-Live Delays, and Manual Prioritization

Simplify your customer onboarding process with CogniSaaS by collaborating with your customers and internal teams on a single platform.

"CogniSaaS team listens to the customer onboarding challenges and brings the right solution in the product. Getting the value delivery faster is the key for any SaaS business and this tool helps in scaling the project execution, improving productivity within your team and finally it creates a wow experience to the customer by making the first value delivery quicker."

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Sridhar Bollam

Chief Customer Officer, North America

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How CogniSaaS Helps with Customer Onboarding


Holistic visibility across use cases, tasks, projects, and customers through the one-click generation of reports


Collaboration with internal cross-functional teams and customers on a shared platform to track and manage dependencies

Actionable Insights

Contextual insights on project delays from teams or customers, along with smarter resource management

Faster Revenue Recognition

Proprietary algorithm that provides recommendations for prioritization and revenue risk prevention


Intelligent automation that helps you save time and drive strategic partnerships with customers

Seamless Handoff

Structured handover from Sales to Implementation and Implementation to CS teams to prevent 'information loss.'

Customers love CogniSaaS!

Ashwin A SR Director Customer Success
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"A comprehensive solution to onboard, track and manage your customer life cycle"

The tracking and insights that the platform provides, allow you to make data-backed business decisions and clearly show areas you need to focus on.The project management module offers excellent tracking and reporting

Rafeh J Presales Consultant
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"Extremely helpful tool for project management"

I have been using the platform for a few months now, the platform is extremely helpful when it comes to tracking the status of the projects. The team at CogniSaaS is super helpful. They are constantly updating the platform with new and exciting features.

Amit R Senior Project Manager
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"Intuitive design, agility in development, timeliness & supportive team . Amazing Experience..."

Intuitive design, with agility in development for a timely delivery. Great support from the team keeps us informed about key releases and also helps us relate to our businesses scenarios or use cases

CogniSaaS connects with your existing tools

Collaborate seamlessly with other internal teams, keep all the tools in sync, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks

Simplify Customer Onboarding With CogniSaaS

Talk to our onboarding experts and get apt solutions for your implementation and project teams.


What is customer onboarding software?


Customer onboarding software is a tool businesses use to guide new customers through getting started with their products or service.

How does CogniSaaS help with successful customer onboarding?


CogniSaaS is a customer onboarding software that helps businesses achieve successful onboarding by providing personalized and automated onboarding experiences. To know more about how CogniSaaS helps with customer onboarding, visit:

What are a few steps for the customer onboarding strategy?


Here are three steps for a customer onboarding strategy:

Define the onboarding process
Personalize the onboarding experience
Measure and optimize the onboarding experience.

For more information, read our blog: Universal Guide on Customer Onboarding.

What are customer onboarding best practices?


Here are three customer onboarding best practices:

Simplify the onboarding process
Personalize the onboarding experience
Provide ongoing support
For more information, read our blog: Customer Onboarding Best Practices