Track, Prioritize & Go-Live with the Right Customer Onboarding Platform

Collaborate in one place with customers and internal teams. Prevent project delays with actionable insights on who needs to do what by when for faster go-live.

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Why Our Customers Select Us?

Faster Revenue Recognition
Actionable insights on prioritization of product roadmap and implementation tasks
Reduction in Time to Go-Live
Personalized dashboards and email notifications that give early warnings on potential delays
Increase in CSAT/NPS Score
Dedicated portal for customers to view project status and get clarity on the next steps
Reduction in Man Hours
Automation of reporting, templates, resource management, and efficient collaboration among teams

Up your decision-making with effortless visibility

  • The RAG status system enables you to give precedence to the tasks that hold the highest priority.

  • With just one click, you can easily view all the customers who have requested a new feature.

  • Effortlessly manage large-scale projects with features such as time tracking, Gantt chart, resource management, and additional tools.

Effectively manage all essential information with a single source of truth.

  • Save time and resources by having a holistic overview of customer data in a centralized platform.

  • View all your projects, use cases, tasks, and product dependencies associated with a customer in just a single click.

  • Easily customize functionality to align with your business requirements by creating custom fields with just a few clicks.

And that’s not all!

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CogniSaaS connects with your existing tools

Collaborate seamlessly with other internal teams, keep all the tools in sync, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks

How CogniSaaS integrates with your existing CRM, Communication, CS, Ticketing and Roadmap tools

Upgrade your business with a world-class onboarding experience for your customers!