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CogniSaaS For Professional Services Teams

Cost & Profitability

  • Effortless Cost Control: Categorize billable and non-billable time with ease. Generate insightful reports to identify potential cost savings and optimize profitability.

  • Project Profitability Reports: Gain clear visibility into project forecasts and profitability through dedicated reports.

  • Prioritize Projects for Maximum Revenue: View real-time revenue impact from potential delays. Leverage actionable recommendations to prioritize projects for maximum revenue recognition.

Resource and Capacity Planning

  • Proactive Resource Management: Plan ahead with flexible resource allocation, secure talent, and avoid potential conflicts in the pipeline.

  • Optimal Task Assignment: Optimize project outcomes by assigning tasks based on individual skills, roles, availability, and workload.

  • Data-Driven Capacity Management: Gain insights into team utilization and make hiring decisions to match project needs.

Timesheet Tracking

  • Streamline billing and cost control: Effortlessly categorize billable time, generate reports, and identify areas for cost savings and improved profitability.

  • Simplify approvals: Review and approve timesheets with ease, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

  • Gain project & task insights: View detailed user timesheets for projects and tasks, compare actuals to planned estimates, and identify potential overruns.

Analytics and Reporting

  • Gain actionable insights: Access pre-built reports on projects, people, and partners to identify areas for improvement and drive business growth.

  • Visualize data with ease: Customize charts and graphs to readily grasp trends and insights to drive process improvements.

  • Slice & dice metrics: View forecasts, profitability, and other KPIs tailored to your specific needs through customizable dashboards and reports.

CogniSaaS connects with your existing tools

Collaborate seamlessly with other internal teams, keep all the tools in sync, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks

How CogniSaaS integrates with your existing CRM, Communication, CS, Ticketing and Roadmap tools

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Why Our Customers Select Us?

Actionable Insights from Customer Onboarding
Faster Revenue Recognition
Actionable insights on prioritization of product roadmap and implementation tasks
Personalized dashboards for customer onboarding
Reduction in Time to
Personalized dashboards and email notifications that give early warnings on potential delays
Dedicated Portal for Customers in Customer Onboarding
Increase in
Dedicated portal for customers to view project status and get clarity on the next steps
Automation of reporting, templates, resources for client onboarding
Reduction in
Man Hours
Automation of reporting, templates, resource management, and efficient collaboration among teams

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